The changing landscape - video is more than what happens on screens

Video content can no longer be separated from its surroundings

“Content is king” – applies when the right content is distributed through the most relevant channels to the targeted end user. This of course is only the beginning. Content develops, it evolves and metamorphoses. The changes gather speed as content spreads across platforms to the digital public where the end user can also contribute to the content.
“All screens are not equal” - the demographics of the viewing public differ based on the devices used.  A plethora of elements work together to maximize circulation and impact.

Innovative storytelling cannot be separated from innovative cross platform forms of expression

“Nothing beats a strong plot” - much has been written and scientifically researched recently about the development of complex structures of audiovisual storytelling, especially in modern day TV series. In the digital age the new opportunities of interactive, transmedia or digital storytelling are in their infancy. The current creative concepts for original web productions or cross/multiplatform projects rely on the media savvy user. Content is enhanced by its users’ storytelling experiences and their consequent contribution to it. This fusion creates new and unpredictable innovation.

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